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September 01, 2017


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Steve Clark

One thing going now that wasn't going in the Sixties is the generational revolution that comes roughly every 80 years when all the generations living when the last social contract came into effect have died off. This is the cyclical process that Strauss and Howe uncovered, and it is very real and always impactful (aka, the Fourth Turning). Today, all the living generations (we Boomers are the elders) were born and raised after the conditions that gave rise in 1945 to the present, fraying social contract. None of us -- Boomers, GenXers or Millennials -- have any faith in this dying, dysfunctional regime. Fundamentally, that's why it can never be restabilized, and we will never go back to "democracy" as we knew it growing up. That gives me optimism, but just because we won't go back doesn't mean we (civilization) won't collapse. It is quite clear that we have no consensus on where else to go, on what we want, on the positive program, and, also, despite the power of social media, it's not clear that we have sufficient networking and structure to galvanize decisive action at a decisive moment. This is troublesome, and, yes, we Boomers are old so time is short. Perhaps, there's a better than 50-50 chance that the dark age triumphs. On the other hand, we can be absolutely certain that the twists and turns we've seen in recent years are just a faint image of what is coming. Even Hurricane Harvey is forcing Republicans to stash their fiscal agenda. I won't say the future is bright, but I will say it's going to be transformative, one way or another.

I think Dutt is relevant because, if we are not now living under fascism in the US, we're right up against it. Dutt said fascism is the rule of the most reactionary sector of capital. Trump represents that, the small-time (non-corporate) capitalists who are desperate to survive in these difficult financial times (his entire empire is dependent on credit that is increasingly drying up; hence, his romance with Russian finance). Did I mention that he is, personally, an idiot and bigot (much like Hitler in personality)? We need to fight fascism, but we also need to know what we want from the fight. Going back to neoliberal democracy, as you say, is pointless and hopeless now, while in Europe in the 1930s, such visions were progressive.

Anderson Robert


A friend here with PSL, Chris Banks gave a talk to a forum of young folks based on Dutt's Fascism and Social Revolution last week. Remember we read that long ago... His talk was well received and his group is facing violent attacks from the anarchists, narrow nationalists and Democratic party losers. Their office has been hit several times now and the police response is much like Trump, they are not nice people so it is ok to hit them. Much of the other movement people here have fallen into slanderous red-baiting and personalization of the struggle.

Dutt still has relevance and the talk made me think too along what you are saying that this is global now and maybe requires some updating for the current times where we have international players, nations like China and Russia trapped in the same collapse.

It is worth pointing out that the what we call the strategic response which we called the 60's, which is where Barber (he was just here and drew a large audience) and Rudd are coming from I think, failed. We lost that round of fight with neoliberalism. Some of us not in jail or dead survived. That is the good part, but we are well along in years now.

We are in a new epoch. The lessons of the past were not sufficient or successful. Neo-liberal capital pulled a swift punch on its followers. We are like out on the corner now looking for a Uber ride to take us some new place. My wife likes to say there will be a large reaction to this and people will rise up. I think that is true. Oppression creates resistance. But the problem is many are still in the old thinking and we are isolated in our own pockets of resistance and revolution. I don't think the slogan "Resist" is any where helpful. I created a bumper sticker I gave out that says "Fight Wall Street, Not their Wars". As a Vietnam vet that is how it came out for me. No more rich man's wars.

Your work is right on time and thanks. I will try to figure out how to master FB...

Albuquerque, NM
No you don't need a passport to travel here but we do speak a lot of Spanish.
It might be the we will see regions like this try to succeed from the failed larger state.
We could unite with California and create a new republic perhaps on a new social contract.

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