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March 28, 2016


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TIME HAS COME TODAY FOR BERNIE SANDERS!! Join the Revolution!! PLEASE view and share this video made by my son, DYLAN CHAMBERS to support Bernie. Song by THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS (DYLAN'S FATHER)

shihezi traveler

leadership by whom? some of our experience comes out of the fact that people are recognized as leaders by people engaged in struggle. it is not ours to lead . BUT we can engage in various struggles ; listen and support people BASED on our experiences. We can not use an RCP style of preaching to people.

leadership of what? if your assertion of the service sector really being the leading edge of american economics who is that? who are we trying to organize?
is it IT , is it the code writers?
is it the myriad of people in businesses that control supply chains, plan procurement, (there are thousands of small businesses that use computers to direct their sales and distribution,
is it the companies who employ 100 or more people, 500 or more people?
where is there a detailed analysis of american society by class, race. friends, enemies, middle forces, tactical allies?

getting 3 million people to donate to BERNIE in an election year is not a mass movement if there are not enough people post convention to do anything with that database. Let alone the question of what do you do with those numbers.

How do we "so-called ELDERS " sum up our own experience to organize around RACE, CLASS, and GENDER issues

finally there is the VISION thing. What would a new socialist society look like? if you sum up the successes and failures of 20th century socialism how do you envision 21st century socialism avoiding the ecological, economic and political pitfalls of the 20th century.

what we can do well is to join into struggles, TRY TO ENCOURAGE those in struggle to develop THEORY AND RESEARCH as part of their struggle and communicate more with each other.

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